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The WAWA initiative is an entertainment-based community project that provides aid to individuals in need of assistance through the hosting of donation driven diversified charity events. We are here to create a philanthropic-based entertainment platform for likeminded passionate entertainers, who in their mission to provide good music, have refused to allow uncertainty, setbacks or crisis to reduce their charge in life as musical healers . The WAWA initiative simultaneously translates that same energy into acts of kindness for people in our small knit communities that are dealing with more tangible issues,  whose resilience to overcome those obstacles, is a demonstration of strength that is often overlooked. 

The WAWA initiative was created to acknowledge the toughness, resilence, perserverance and passion that permeates within members of our tight knit communities who have chosen to exercise great empathy and cohesiveness in order to maintain the most valuable commodity we all have in common-the integrity of our lives. 

The Word "WAWA" itself means toughness, and it takes a strong mind and a willing heart to "hold it all together". Hence why I have coined the phrase, "I'm WAWA Tough" to be used as a mantra for self-reflection and a reminder to our volunteers and supporters that it is their resilience that makes our aid efforts succeed.

With that said, if there is only one thing that is certain during those very uncomfortable times-the human spirit is tougher than any challenge or obstacle. And one hand cannot clap without the other.

We Need YOUR Help.


I welcome you to the WAWA initiative and encourage you to support a great movement of love and an even greater demonstration of the resilence of the human spirit! Thank you for your undivided attention and support! 


  Sherraine "DJEMPLove" Smith



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